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6 Ways House Cleaning Can Drain You

House Cleaning Is Draining

No matter the size of your house, cleaning the entire place is…well, a chore! It can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Here are some reasons why it can absolutely suck the life out of you:

1. Hard on the Knees

When doing routine home cleaning, sometimes it is necessary to get down and dirty. Having to be bent over or on your knees for long periods of time can be harmful on the back and puts pressure on the knees and joints within.
When cleaning your home, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of your body as well. A good way to prevent stress on the knees is to get rubber or foam knee pads that alleviate the stress and pressure that hard floors can put on the body. Make sure not to stay on the floor for too long.

2. Hard to Reach Places

Some places are just way too hard to reach in your home!
Those areas can be the most annoying spots to clean and if they require any type of stool or ladder to reach them or if they require you getting into tight spaces, it could pose a safety hazard for you. Getting to those places is difficult and we understand that getting your home clean is important, but it is best to leave those spaces to the professionals.

3. Allergens

If you have allergies, home cleaning can be a living nightmare for you or the people in your home.
Whether it’s a dust allergy or someone in the home is allergic to animals, improper home cleaning can put all those particles into the air and make your life and theirs a living hell. Kicking up all that dust can be problematic for people with breathing problems as well. House Cleaning by Scrubby Corp

4. Children Can Be Messy

Having children can be a blessing for your life, but a curse on your home’s cleanliness. Their messy tendencies leave you as the one to clean up all their messes.
Having to clean up for one child can be difficult, but for those parents that have multiple children, it’s only multiplied. One mess after another and the cleaning never stops. At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is have to clean up after your children. Not to mention, children and food are a disaster waiting to happen. Younger children are more prone to throw their food across the room in complete disregard for your home’s cleanliness.

5. Cleaning Stains Can Wear Down Your Arms/Shoulders

When you see stains in your home, there some items that can leave you in a panic. Red wine or spaghetti sauce on a nice white rug will give every homeowner a panic attack.
Much like the first item on this list, having to get down and scrub hard into your home’s material can take a toll on your body. When having to scrub hard on a surface to get a stain out, it can be a strain on the muscles and joints in your arms, shoulders, and your back. Having to scrub hard has its downsides, so it’s better to leave the deep cleaning to the professional cleaning crews.

6. Different Surface Areas Require Different Care

Everyone’s home is different, with different housing styles, different interior design, and different surfaces in the home. Those surfaces come with different levels of care.
It’s important to understand the level of care that each surface requires. Some cleaning materials will stain a surface, some will ruin a surface completely, so it is crucial that you’re using the correct materials and methods to clean it so that you don’t lose your mind if you ruin a surface.

Having a clean house is important, but having your sanity when it comes to cleanliness is too. Scrubby Corp offers excellent and knowledgeable house cleaning services that can cover every surface and situation in your home, leaving you stress-free and leaving your home clean!

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6 Ways House Cleaning Can Drain You

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