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Window Cleaning by Scrubby Corp

Why Window Cleaning is Important for Your Home Or Business

Window Cleaning is Essential

Owning a home or a business means that window cleaning is an important part of that ownership responsibility. Whether its a house with a beautiful view of the surrounding area or a business that requires customers to come in from the streets, the windows are crucial.

Getting windows professionally cleaned is an essential housekeeping move for any homeowner or business owner. Imagine having a house with a gorgeous view of the natural beauty in the surrounding area. It could be a gorgeous snow covered mountain or maybe it’s a pristine view of the ocean waters. If the windows in the home are dirty, streaky, smudgy your beautiful views of nature are going to be distorted. Guests won’t be able to admire the beauty of your home and its surroundings when they are noticing the dirty windows.

What about a business? Businesses need to have clean windows, especially if their business is one that depends on people walking down the street and looking inside their storefront. If a customer walks by and can’t see inside because the windows are too streaky or grimy, it will affect everything the business relies on to stay afloat. It’s important to have clean, clear windows to draw in customers with your amazing products.

Cleaning for a Clearer View

When it comes to cleaning the windows of a home or business, using basic home cleaning products can’t match the same level of cleanliness and thoroughness that a professional window cleaning crew can attain. Professional crews have the best tools and the best products to use that can leave your windows looking clearer than ever.

If the windows in the home and business are large and hard to clean, using a ladder can be dangerous and unsteady. Professional window cleaners can use a variety of tools to get those hard to reach spots and clean the more difficult large pane windows. They also use products outside the realm of the basic home window cleaning solution.
Some of these items can be harmful to homes and businesses, as well as the environment as a whole. Scrubby Corp prides themselves on using de-ionized water, where a lot of window cleaners will use ionized water to try and make windows cleaner. De-ionized water is more environmentally friendly and non-corrosive to homes and businesses, while still maintaining an excellence in ridding the area of dirt and grime.


Streaks on windows can be a burden for any home or business. It makes the views distorted inside and out. It’s not ideal when entertaining guests or trying to bring in new customers.

When a business has dirty windows, it’s hard to get new customers and keep the customers coming back. Keeping the interior and exterior panes clean and streak-free means customers will come in more often and keep coming back to a beautiful business.
Streaks are a result of inferior products being used or improper cleaning technique. It’s crucial to find a professional window cleaning company that values the importance of doing a quality job when cleaning and makes sure that they use high-quality products and methods that get the job done correctly the first time.

Scrubby Corp Window Cleaning

Scrubby Corp will make your windows shine bright and clear with our environmentally friendly and efficient window cleaning process! We use specialized poles that can reach up to 45 feet, cleaning the largest of windows in your home or business. Skylights and solar panels? We can get those clean too! Scrubby Corp can guarantee to leave your glass surfaces smudge, streak, and scratch-free!

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Why Window Cleaning is Important for Your Home Or Business

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