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6 Reasons to be Addicted to House Cleaning

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Having a clean home gives a homeowner a sense of pride in their home. A clean home can give the homeowner peace of mind and something to show off to neighbors or company.

There’s so many reasons why house cleaning should be the top priority for a homeowner. Yes, we know that house cleaning can sometimes be a burden and time consuming, but it’s extremely important. Here’s six reasons why homeowners should be absolutely addicted to cleaning their home:

1. Germs

Having a dirty home means that there are germs everywhere! Some people are germophobes and can’t stand the sight of anything being dirty, but you don’t have to be a germophobe to know that germs are bad. There’s countless germs that live inside and outside your home and they can make you terribly sick. It’s important to keep surfaces clean and prevent clutter which can make germs gather, especially cooking surfaces and areas where children play. Additionally, if animals are in the home, they may bring other germs inside the house, so it’s important to keep all areas clean and germ-free.House Cleaning

2. Sense of Accomplishment

When coming home from a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is MORE work! However, having a clean home is important and something to be proud about. The cleaning itself may be a chore and hard work, but when it’s all said and done, you can look around your home and be proud of your accomplishment. It’s important for us to have things to accomplish. It helps boost our mental morale and makes us feel like we did something good in the day.

3. Stress Reducer

We all feel stress at one point or another and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Another reason to be addicted to house cleaning is because it is a form of reducing stress. It can be a way for people to manage their stress and get the stress off their mind. Cleaning can sometimes be a mindless task, which is great for people who need to do something mind-numbing and get rid of some extra stress.

4. Insects and Other Pests

The more clutter and crumbs someone leaves behind in their home, the more insects and pests they will attract. Some insects are attracted to dropped food, like ants, or spilled drinks, like flies. Making sure your eating and living areas are clean is a good way to prevent insects from being attracted to your personal space. Other pests will be attracted to any clutter that is inside and outside your home. For instance, people that live in the Southwest United States are encouraged to keep their laundry room areas clear of piled up clothes because pests like scorpions and snakes are attracted to them. Be mindful of clutter in your home, and keep it clean!

5. Reflection of Self

What type of person do you want others to see you as? Keeping your home clean shows neighbors and visitors to your home that you like to have things tidy and in order. It also shows them that you are someone who likes to be in control of their surroundings and that you are someone who likes their life to be in order.

6. Setting An Example

If you have children, you want them to grow up being model citizens and a projection of you as a parent. Making sure you keep your house clean is not only important for them now, but for their future. Show them that cleanliness is a priority and that it is not just a chore to be done daily. Someday, they will be homeowners too and you will want them to take the pride in keeping a clean home that you did.

Scrubby Corp wants you to know that keeping a clean home is important to us, just as it is to you. Call us today for expert and professional house cleaning services!

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6 Reasons to be Addicted to House Cleaning

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