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Move-Out Cleaning

Why Move-Out Cleaning Can Be So Frustrating

Moving Is A Hassle

There are more people in the United States today than ever before. Nearly 37 percent of Americans are renting their homes. When it comes time to move into another rented property or a new home, it can be an entire process and a tough one at that.

Figuring out what to keep and what to throw away, boxing everything up, getting a moving truck, and more, and even MORE! This can take a toll on your mental state, but we didn’t even mention the whole move-out cleaning aspect. Properties usually make new tenants pay for a cleaning deposit that is supposed to cover the cost of cleaning when they move out, but it always seems like there is something that they tack on at the end. Most people are shocked when they see that a portion of their deposit is taken, or in some cases the whole thing! That can become an entire issue outside of moving!

You spent countless days scrubbing away at your kitchen and bathroom, cleaned your carpets three separate times, and dusted off every single square foot of the residence, but they STILL took money from you! Here are some of the places they really look at and nit-pick:

  • Cabinet Shelves & Drawers
  • Drip Pans
  • Inside of fridge and freezer
  • Crown Molding

Sure, the places that you rent from may be extremely specific when it comes to their expectations of what clean is and it’s unfortunate when you put so much time and energy into cleaning just to have them take money away from you for something minor. So how can you make sure that you get back your whole deposit? Here’s a few tricks:

  • Take pictures of worrisome areas when you move in
  • Make notes about repairs that have been made in the past
  • Keep in contact with management about issues you found and make them note it when you move in/out

Other Ways to Save

While making sure that dust and stains are cleaned is significant in the cleaning process, making sure you don’t leave any garbage or unwanted belongings behind is just as critical in the move-out process. Any left behind clothing, personal belongings, trash bags, or moving boxes can cost a pretty penny. Owners will call a garbage removal service to come get any type of trash or left behind items just to tack it on to your fee! Making sure that you double check for any left behind garbage, clothes, and boxes could end up saving you a large portion of your cleaning deposit. Move-out Cleaning

If you find that you have a bunch of old clothes or outdated furniture that you don’t want or need anymore, donate them to a charity! It helps rid you of the burden of carrying those unused items around, saves you money on your deposit, but most importantly, it goes towards a good cause.
However, if there are things that you can’t donate because they are too large or won’t be accepted as a donation due to their cleanliness, call a garbage removal company yourself or take the items to a recycle facility. Some items can be broken down and used for other things. This is a good way to make sure that certain items don’t just sit in a dump for years to come.

Scrubby Corp Move-Out Cleaning

When you need top-notch move-out cleaning services in order to get the most out of your move, call Scrubby Corp for all your cleaning needs. We will make sure that we clean every corner and space to pre-move in conditions. We can even provide trash removal services to get rid of any unwanted items. We use environmentally clean methods and products, so there is no risk for any corrosion or staining. If you’re moving out, let Scrubby Corp clean up to get you the most out of your move!

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Why Move-Out Cleaning Can Be So Frustrating

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