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Does Having Clean Carpets Affect Business?

Foot Traffic

Owning a business is hard work. If you own a business that requires people to come in and out of a store front or have an office with a lot of employees that walk around, you more likely than not have carpeting in your place of business that needs carpet cleaning service.

It’s critical that this carpeting is clean, but not only for the appearance aspect. Carpets can house a lot of unwanted bacteria that can make visitors and employees sick. If you think that cleaning them once every so often is getting the job done, you’re sadly mistaken.

Most offices and businesses are made with carpet that is built for high traffic usage. While this is important for durability, it means that the carpet threads get smashed down more often, taking dirt and grime with it. The more and more the carpet goes without cleaning, the more muck gets stomped into the carpeting threads and the harder it is to get out with basic carpet cleaning.

Bad For Business

When it comes to owning a brick and mortar storefront, appearance is everything. Keeping customers coming back is just as important is drawing them in from the outside. If the exterior of your store front is appealing to a consumer, they are more likely to come in and see what the store is all about, even if they don’t actually need any of what you’re selling. If the interior of the store is clean, it will leave a lasting impression on those that walk through and purchase items. They will want to come back purely because they had a great experience.

However, if the interior of the store has carpeting and it isn’t clean, then it’s extremely bad for business. In today’s age of online reviews and online presence being so important, all it takes is a few bad reviews to put your business on the wrong side of the consumer’s favor. In order to get business booming again, make sure you take the interior cleanliness of the storefront seriously. Getting the store’s carpet cleaned regularly can keep customers impressed and keep them coming back.

Employee Health

Carpet in an office space needs to be kept up to a high standard whether it’s a smaller business or a large corporation, keeping the carpets fresh is crucial. Carpets take in everything that is on a person’s shoes that they carry in from the outside world. This means that ANYTHING can be brought into the office via employees, including excrement, dirt, pollen, and other grime. Not to mention that carpets that are dirty can keep harmful bacteria alive for long periods of time. Bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella can stay alive on carpets for days on end.

Carpets can also be home to harmful micro-organisms like mold and dust mites, both of which can cause severe allergic reactions and can have long-term effects on your employees’ health. Carpet Cleaning by Scrubby Corp

Scrubby Corp Carpet Cleaning

Scrubby Corp can offer the most thorough and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services for your business. Our products and methods can get your business back to looking fresh and clean. Get your business booming again with Scrubby Corp!

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Does Having Clean Carpets Affect Business?

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