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How Clean Windows Help Your Home

Window Cleaning

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your home clean inside and out. Clean and clear windows can make the inside of your home look existentially better when the natural light comes through. That’s why keeping a window cleaning schedule is an important part of owning a home.

One of the biggest things people look for in buying a home is how much natural light comes into the home via their windows. Having large windows to let sun come through has become a focal point in homes today. People want more natural light to make their homes look better and brighter.

However, if those windows are dirty or streaky, it may affect that lighting. Dirty windows may also have an effect on how your home is valued. According to a survey from Money Magazine, window cleaning for homes has a 768% return on cost, meaning for every $100 spent on professional window cleaning, you should see a $768 increase in the sale price. Don’t worry, you read that number right. Window cleaning has a huge return on investment. Let’s look at some ways window cleaning can really affect your home:

Home Value

As previously mentioned, having clean windows can boost the value of your home. Selling your house can be a difficult task, but making it beautiful will definitely speed up the process. Aesthetics and curb appeal are a huge part of why people will purchase a home. Making the outside look clean and attractive will only boost the value, and in today’s market, getting the most value out of your home is critical.

Window Preservation

Cleaning windows isn’t just essential for the aesthetics of your house, it’s also beneficial for healthy, long-lasting windows. For people who live in certain areas of the country, their windows can get all sorts of stuff inside of them that cause them to degrade. For example, people who live at the beach have to deal with heavy winds, as well as salt water and sand that can seep into their windows and can make them weaker and at risk for cracks and/or staining. In order to keep your windows strong and healthy, scheduling regular window cleaning is a necessity.

Window Cleaning by Scrubby Corp

Beauty On the Inside

Keeping your windows clean on the outside can help you sell your home, but what about from the inside? The truth is that windows need to be cleaned just as thoroughly on the inside as they are on the outside. Particles can get in the windows from inside your home the same way they can outside. If you light candles in your home, burn fires, or smoke cigarettes, you may want to get your windows professionally cleaned to keep their integrity. The smoke particles can clog up the pores of your windows and stop warm sunlight from coming into the house, which is some people’s and pet’s favorite aspect of having windows.

Scrubby Corp Window Cleaning

At Scrubby Corp, we understand that your home’s value is important, as well as it’s overall aesthetic value. Scrubby Corp can offer environmentally friendly window cleaning methods with safe products that won’t harm your home or the surrounding area. This, of course, all comes with high quality customer service. Call Scrubby Corp today for quality window cleaning!

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How Clean Windows Help Your Home

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