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Easiest Carpets to Clean

Carpets are an intricate part of any home or office setting, and the right type of carpet can make all the difference in your house or building. When choosing what type of carpet to put in a building or house, the level of difficulty in carpet cleaning should be important in the decision making process.

Here’s a list of the easiest carpets to clean and why:


Mainly a high traffic use carpet, Berber carpet is extremely durable and mostly stain resistant. It’s also the easiest type of carpet to clean because of how tightly wound it is. It is mostly found in office buildings and schools due to it’s ability to handle high levels of traffic and it’s resilience. However, some people buy handmade Berber carpets to put in their homes as decoration. The recommended cleaning for Berber is a low-moisture process every 6-12 months.

Carpet Cleaning


Nylon is a tough carpeting material, sometimes called THE toughest carpet material available as far as durability goes. Nylon is naturally a strong fiber and it can keep its look and texture for a very long time. However, it’s not exactly the best when it comes to being stain resistant. With Nylon carpets, liquids can stain deep into the carpet. Most Nylon carpet installations will come with a very strong stain treatment to keep the carpet clean and stain free. Recommended cleaning for Nylon carpets is a steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months, unless they’re in high traffic areas, then it’s recommended more frequently. Nylon remains one of the easiest carpets to clean, basic cleaning just requires a vacuum.


Another carpet that is easy to clean is polypropylene carpeting. Made from the synthetic material, polypropylene, it can be used in all types of settings. It can be used in high traffic and low traffic areas. Polypropylene is very stain resistant, but not very soil resistant. It is very absorbent when it comes to oils and it takes in all the oils and dirt on the bottom of shoes and from the skin. Soiling can cause it to look stained. It is often used in high moisture areas due to its ability to dry quickly and not hold moisture. The toughness and build of the material is somewhat similar to Berber carpet, making it an easy carpet to clean, especially for soiling spots.


Polyester, like polypropylene is a synthetic, oil-based material. It’s one of the more popular choices for carpeting material in houses because of its stain resistance. They are great at fighting off most liquids, preventing stains from occurring. However, like polypropylene, it absorbs oils quite easily. Our bodily oils are polyester’s biggest enemy. Once these oils get into the fibers, its very hard to remove. Even though it absorbs oils, it it still fairly easy to keep clean. Vacuuming and carpet cleaning regularly is enough to keep it looking nice and clean for the entirety of its lifetime.

At Scrubby Corp, we understand that keeping your carpets looking fresh can be one of the hardest parts of your day. Our carpet cleaning service goes above and beyond to make sure the carpets in your home or business are looking just as clean as the day you installed them.

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Easiest Carpets to Clean

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