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Window Cleaning

Best Non-Chemical Ways to Get Your Windows Streak Free!

Window Streaks

Window streaks can be a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Sometimes its kids creating them or maybe its an animal getting a little too up close and personal with your home’s glass. Whatever it is, they can be an eye sore for anyone.

There are a number of cleaning solutions that can be used for window cleaning to get rid of those streaks. Windex is easily the most popular product used by home owners. There is, of course, store brand versions of the product and knockoffs that use similar formulas. These items can be harmful to your home and the environment, as they are made with chemicals like ammonia that can get washed into our water systems and that stay in the air around our home. Breathing in mass quantities of these chemicals is extremely harmful to your health. Let’s take a look at some different ways to get that same clean shine out your windows, without sacrificing your health and the health of others.

Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is just one of those items in your pantry that you can use for anything, including that volcano your child is building for their science fair project. From cooking to cleaning, vinegar has many uses. One of it’s many uses can be keeping your windows free of streaks!

Instead of using the harmful chemicals that are usually used in window cleaning, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to get a similar effect. Simply find an empty spray bottle that has been cleaned out, or you can buy one at a dollar store. Put some warm water inside the bottle. Mix about one part white vinegar with ten parts warm water to get the best outcome. Wipe the window or glass surface with a paper towel to clean off the dust. Spray the mixture onto the surface, but try to avoid getting too much of it on wood surfaces, as it might distort the color of the surface. Wipe the surface clean and see the difference! No more chemicals in the air!

Other Solutions

If you don’t feel comfortable using the vinegar option, you can always call a professional window cleaning crew to come take care of it for you. It can save you time and the hassle of worrying if your windows are clean enough.

Window Cleaning

Don’t settle for just any window cleaning crew, though. Some will use products that can be harmful to the surrounding environment and can even cause corrosion on your siding. Scrubby Corp uses de-ionized water, where other cleaning companies use ionized water that can have harmful chemicals in it and corrosive properties. Scrubby Corp uses special tools and clean green methods to make sure your windows are clean and streak-free. Using water that is solution-free is just one of the ways that Scrubby Corp is making sure that the environment surrounding your home is just as clean as your windows.

Keeping your windows clean and streak-free is just as important to Scrubby Corp as it is to you. We won’t let your windows look anything less than crystal clear. Call Scrubby Corp today for the window cleaning your windows deserve.

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Best Non-Chemical Ways to Get Your Windows Streak Free!

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