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Pressure Washing Tumwater

Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Tumwater

Many factors work against you maintaining the exterior appeal of your home or commercial building. Dust and dirt, birds, pollen, and even weather affect a buildings’ curb appeal. What’s worse is these outside elements can be harmful to the siding, brick, windows, walls, sidewalks, walkways and decks. Avoid external damage and costly repairs with Scrubby Corp’s quality pressure washing services.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, pressure washers are a fast and efficient power tool. It uses high pressured water to lift grime and dirt, making short work of even the toughest stains. In just seconds, you can undo years of growth and build-up, protect your investment and enhance curb appeal. Give us a call for professional cleaning services in Tumwater!

The Search For Pressure Washing Near Me Is Over

All of our workers are punctual, thoroughly trained, and safe. We take extra care to handpick a team we can rely on to put our customers above all else. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and use eco-friendly methods and supplies. Pressure washing services include the following exterior surfaces:

  • Gutter Pressure Washing
  • Roof Pressure Washing
  • Deck Pressure Washing

  • Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing
  • Driveway Pressure Washing
  • Exterior Pressure Washing

  • Window Pressure Washing
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing
  • And More!

Scrubby Corp takes extra precautions to protect our environment from toxic, poisonous chemicals. We promise to put that same level of commitment towards you.

Pressure Washing Near Me TumwaterProfessional Pressure Washing Service in Tumwater

Hiring a professional pressure washing company will save you money and protect your investment. A lot of the external substances are acidic and corrosive, not to mention unattractive.

Eventually, the buildup will cause decay and can compromise the structure of the building. Don’t waste your money or free time on expensive rental equipment. Let Scrubby Corp tackle the job!

We Can Have a Pressure Washer at Your Door in No Time

Our pressure washing service is the perfect way to bring a new life to any outdoor surface. We can quickly and easily clean away years of dirt, debris, grime, and more from your walkways and driveways. Our pressure washing specialists perform each pressure washing project with attention to detail and safety, so you can rest assured your property will get the highest-quality results. Now is the time to give your home or commercial building a thorough cleaning – our pressure washers are ready for the job!

Other Cleaning Services We Provide

Scrubby Corp provides a comprehensive suite of cleaning services so you can keep your home or workplace clean and fresh.

Every job is different, and we understand that, so we customize our services to fit your exact needs and budget. We also offer specialized cleaning services such as dry steam cleaning and emergency water removal. Our friendly staff looks forward to working with you, whether on a one-time or ongoing service. Get in touch with us today for all your professional cleaning needs!

Cleaning 10’s of Thousands of Homes & Businesses Including Your Neighbors!

Scrubby Corp proudly serves the following areas:

Olympia, WA | Lacey, WA | Dupont, WA | Tumwater, WA | Yelm, WA

FAQs About Pressure Washing

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?
The terms power washing and pressure washing are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Power washing generally refers to using hot water along with high-pressure water to clean surfaces. It is particularly effective for removing tough stains, grease, and grime. On the other hand, pressure washing involves using cold or normal temperature water at high pressure to clean surfaces. Pressure washing is commonly used for general cleaning tasks, such as removing dirt, mold, and mildew. While the core principle is the same, the difference lies in the water temperature used and the specific cleaning requirements.
Can pressure washing damage my property?
Yes, pressure washing can potentially damage your property if not done properly. The high-pressure water can be too intense for certain surfaces, causing them to chip, crack, or even break. Delicate materials like wood, paint, and certain types of siding can be particularly susceptible to damage. Additionally, if the pressure washer is used at too close of a distance or at the wrong angle, it can strip off paint, remove mortar from between bricks, or leave behind streaks and marks. Thus, it is important to use the appropriate pressure settings, techniques, and equipment to avoid any potential damage to your property.
Is pressure washing safe for all surfaces?
Pressure washing is generally safe for most surfaces, but this depends on the type of material and the level of pressure used. Hard surfaces like concrete, brick, and metal can withstand high-pressure washing without any damage. However, more delicate surfaces such as wood, stucco, painted surfaces, and certain types of siding may require lower pressure and more caution. It is important to adjust the pressure and use appropriate cleaning solutions to avoid any potential damage. In some cases, it may be advisable to hire a professional to ensure safe and effective pressure washing for delicate surfaces.