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Hoarding Cleanup and Junk Removal Olympia

Hoarding Cleanup & Junk Removal

Hoarding Cleanup and Junk Removal Services by Scrubby Corp.

Hoarders hold onto both valuable and useless items, making it hard to tell which objects sitting in a pile should be saved and which should be discarded. Consequently, hoarding cleanup is extremely difficult. For friends and family, understanding why they are keeping these items can also be difficult. Many hoarders have had a dramatic experience such as a death in the family, a loved one leaving them, or an abusive past that leads to their hoarding situation.

For the hoarder, finding a professional cleaning service they can trust could be the difference between a clean and sanitary home or living in squalor. It takes courage for a hoarder to part with their possessions, and a lot of strength to follow through. The professionals at Scrubby Corp are compassionate and ready to help when you, a family member, or loved one commits to the cleanup.

No matter how big or small the space, our specialized hoarder cleanup technicians will rise to the challenge and provide the miracle cleaning services you’ve been hoping for. Scrubby Corp, LLC will assess the situation carefully, prioritize the work that needs to be done, decide what is needed and how much time cleanup will take. We promise a “no pressure” conversation and time to decide if our hoarding cleanup services are right for you.

Biohazard Cleanup

Scrubby Corp’s specialized cleanup team is fully trained in biohazard cleanup. Don’t risk your health by exposing yourself to potentially dangerous liquids, chemicals or other substances. Call the biohazard professionals at Scrubby Corp for safe and efficient cleanup and disposal. Some things we can handle are:

  • Blood
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Fecal Matter

  • Animal Urine
  • Animal Feces
  • Medication Disposal

Whether you need stains removed from the carpets, window cleaning, or the entire house cleaned and sanitized, Scrubby Corp is the one for the job!

Junk Removal

Junk Removal Near Me Services

When it comes to removing junk and clutter from your commercial and residential home or property, all you have to do is give Scrubby Corp a call! Our junk removal services include a one-time removal of materials that a trash company won’t haul away (i.e., major appliances, furniture, etc.). Our junk removal team specializes in attic cleanup, basement cleanup, garage cleanup, deck removal, estate cleanup, above ground pool removal, hot tub removal, and more. If you’ve got unwanted junk or trash that your garbage service won’t pick up, you know you have a local cleaning service who’s willing to help get it removed.

Suppose your need for junk removal services is related to a water main break or flood. A Scrubby Corp technician can discuss our emergency water removal services with you as well. We are dedicated to protecting the environment we live in, and we’re proving that every day. Our reverse osmosis process is EPA approved and helps protect our streams and waterways. If an unfortunate encounter with an appliance, your water pipes, or even mother nature and in need of emergency water removal, Scrubby Corp is just a phone call away!

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