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Carpet Cleaning

Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important For Pet Owners?

Fur and Odors Galore

For those of us that own pets, we find that having carpets can be somewhat of a chore. There are fur and pet odors galore and we can’t seem to find the best way to get rid of it. Using the vacuum doesn’t seem to pick up everything. All the tricks on getting out odors just don’t work. Sometimes it seems like all we’re doing is cleaning up after our pets… inside and outside.

It’s important to keep your carpet clean and fresh, not just for when you have company. You need to keep your home clean for your own health too. But constantly scrubbing and vacuuming isn’t good for between the ears.
That’s where Scrubby Corp comes in.

So. Much. Hair.

Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning, get into your car and notice that you have cat hair all over that new shirt? What about sitting down to enjoy a nice meal and noticing that a strand of dog fur has landed in the beautiful meal you just slaved over? Maybe both? Most pets, mainly cats and dogs, shed their fur all over the place. It gets caught in every crack and crevice in your dwelling. Sometimes it can also contain gross contaminates on it. Yes, we’re talking to you cat owners. When it gets caught in your carpets, it can have a constant and lasting effect on your home. If you have children who are not yet walking or maybe just enjoy rolling around on the ground, they can end up being covered completely. It’s such an annoyance!

Accidents and Odors

Whether you move into a new home or apartment, your animal is moving somewhere new too. Perhaps you’re bringing an animal home for the first time. That animal is coming into uncharted and unmarked territory. Perhaps you’re installing a new carpet in your home. This can be seen as a wide open marking ground for your pet. We know that animals can be, well, territorial. This isn’t necessarily great when your new place has a beautiful carpet or you’re replacing the old stuff. Your pet may have accidents or may try to mark it as new territory. Either way, it can leave a nasty smell that lingers and becomes unbearable. It can also leave an embarrassing stain on your beautiful new carpeting. We definitely don’t want you to be embarrassed or have those lingering smells, so we’re here to help you out!

Why Professional Cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning services can be more beneficial for your home and carpet when it comes to pet fur and odors. Professional carpet cleaning can get deeper into the carpet and reach the places that a regular vacuum or rental carpet shampooer can’t reach. It can get deep down into the carpet to remove deep stains and make sure that no odors stay behind.

Scrubby Corp’s carpet cleaning services can leave your carpets feeling fresh and renewed. The carpet cleaning can remove all that pesky fur and have the carpet feeling and smelling brand new. It’s important to keep your carpets clean and fresh, especially with pets, so make sure that you get your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to maintain a fresh living environment!


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Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important For Pet Owners?

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