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Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Or Carpet Repair?

Carpet Problems

Many people with carpeted homes enjoy the warmth and soft cushion that it provides. However, over time, even the nicest carpets can develop problems beyond excess dirt and stains including fading and discoloration, shedding, tears, or flattening. Whether these issues require professional carpet cleaning or repairs will depend on what the problem is. Some of these issues can arise from improper cleaning and maintenance. Carpet repairmen and cleaners are capable of handling the majority of carpet related problems.

Ripples In Carpet

If you notice folds or ripples in your carpet, you should contact a carpet repair specialist ASAP. Excess moisture, either from high humidity in the air or improper cleaning that didn’t allow the carpet to dry, is one of the leading causes of carpet ripples. Additionally, dragging heavy items over the carpet can stretch it and cause rippling. The best way to fix rippled carpet is to have it stretched back out. If left untreated, these ripples can fold and create permanent creases in your carpet.

Carpet Discoloration Repair

Discolored carpet can be the result of water damage or improper water extraction during a cleaning process. Various problems can be caused by improper carpet cleaning, and that is why it is not recommended to use cleaning machines unless you are trained and experienced in working with them. It is relatively common for people not to rinse the cleaning material from the carpet fibers thoroughly. Doing this can leave soap residue behind, which allows dirt and debris to quickly latch onto the carpet fibers causing your carpet to become even dirtier than it was before the cleaning process. The other reason we don’t recommend using carpet cleaning machines is their inability to properly extract all of the water, leaving carpets excessively damp, which can lead to discoloration along with other problems.

Carpet Wicking

Carpet wicking is the result of stains that have sunk below the fibers of the carpet that rise to the surface. These spots will often resurface after the carpet has become wet. This happens because whatever was spilled or got onto the carpet was cleaned off from the fibers but not underneath. The most effective way to remove these spots is with hot-water extraction. This process will help break down the debris and allow it to be sucked up and removed from the depths of the carpet.

New Carpet Shedding

Many people who recently moved into a new place or had their carpet replaced will notice that it started to shed or produce balls of fluff. This is not the result of improper cleaning or installation. Carpet shedding is a natural occurrence that happens to most new carpets; it is merely the result of loose fibers from the manufacturing and installation process. The best way to resolve this is with gentle vacuuming; over a short time, this shedding will stop.

Dirty Carpet

Carpet Cleaner In Lacey WADirty carpet, primarily around the edges of the walls, doorways, and air vents, is often the result of filtration soiling. When pollutants in the air settle into the carpet fibers, it can cause them to become darker from residue build-up.

Areas with concentrated drafts will typically become darker than the remaining carpet much sooner. Professional carpet cleaning can resolve this issue, and there are special treatments that can aid in preventing future build-up.

Torn Carpet

Carpet is installed in sections, which means there are seams throughout the layout, typically around the entrances to other rooms. Over time these seams can tear and fray, which is often the result of high foot traffic and should be repaired by a carpet specialist as soon as possible.

Flat Carpet

Some homeowners may notice that certain areas of their carpet have started to look flat or crushed and are no longer fluffy and soft. Flat carpet is caused by high foot traffic that continuously pushes down the fibers causing them to become tangled and to not lie properly. The best solution for this is hot-water extraction. And while this process might help fluff the carpet back up, it is not a complete solution. Flat carpet is simply the result of wear and tear over the years.

Carpet Indents

Most people are familiar with carpet indents. When you move a couch or table and notice deep imprints in the carpet that no matter how hard you rub, the fibers just don’t seem to spring back. There are a few home remedies that can resolve this issue. Many people suggest placing an ice cube over the indent, waiting until it melts completely, and then using either a coin or spoon gently scrub the fibers to lift them back up. Another approach involves the exact opposite. Instead of an ice-cold method, you use hot steam. By placing a piece of cloth over the indented portion of the carpet and gently going over it with a steam iron, you can typically bring the smashed carpet back to life.

Faded Carpet

Carpets, especially dark-colored carpets, can become faded over time. This is often the result of sun exposure causing the color in the fibers to become bleached or from a reaction to certain chemicals. You can reduce the fading of your carpet by limiting sun exposure. However, the only way to resolve the problem is to contact a professional that has experience with re-dyeing carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet issues can be caused by improper cleaning, but professional cleaning can resolve just as many. Others might require repairs or replacements. At Scrubby Corp, our team of carpet specialists has the training and experience to treat your carpet with the highest quality products and most effective methods. Our steam cleaning process not only helps to remove stains and odors but also aids in sterilization to provide you with both a cleaner and healthier home. Regardless of the concerns you have for your carpet, we are sure to have a solution for you. With over 34 years of carpet cleaning experience, we are the company you can rely on. Give us a call today for a custom quote!

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Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Or Carpet Repair?

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